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Monetary Management

& Extension

Blockchain Consulting

Asset Management

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Monetary Management

& Extension

MMX is a blockchain consulting and virtual asset management company providing customized services mainly in South Korea, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Our main services are blockchain project business consulting, marketing, virtual asset management, liquidity provider, OTC deal, and community management. Our professional team have a 360-degree view of the market to provide an optimized solution under multi-dimensional processes from analysis, diagnosis, execution to monitoring.


MMX Services

MMX All-in-one Process

Project Concept Consulting

The first stage, project discussion, collect client needs, background information and share suitable contents based on analysis/legal data on market conditions.

Establishing Foreign Branch

Provide guidelines for the establishment of foreign branch on client’s request.

Identify client’s idea of business and blockchain technology precisely to actualize the concept as a business model and framework

Whitepaper Creation

Create and provide PC and Mobile-friendly environment to introduce clients’ project anytime and anywhere.

Webpage Creation

Audit and Issue Smart Contract

Issue ERC-20 token with functions such as burn, pause transaction, token lock and etc.

By utilizing MMX know-how, we contribute to induce and activate community participation.

Community Operation

& Management

Crypto asset Exchange List Consulting

Play as a bridge role between exchange administrator and client to provide a diverse exchange selection on clients’ needs.


MMX Services

Our Service

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